Monday, March 12, 2018

I want a heart that won't grow cold

(Heather Crombie) 
Andrew Tipton

Modern Alchemy

Alchemy is the process of intentional transformation.
  The idea of taking an ordinary experience, and re-scripting it in a new and remarkable way.  
Alchemy is a philosophical and physical practice - aimed at the purification, maturity and perfection of ourselves.
Deliberately.  Purposefully.  Cultivating extraordinariness.  

In many of the same ways, we are seeking transformation exactly as our ancestors did - who sought to use alchemy in turning base elements into precious gold.  // Uncovering the worthiness.  // 

Modern alchemy I believe has evolved this pursuit.   Instead of merely focusing on refining base metals into objects of worth, we have turned our attention towards the uncovering the worthiness of our own (INTIMATE) humanity - we begin to recognize the ways we can transform our bodies, our minds, our abilities.
  We are the greatest, most intellectually capable creatures on the planet.  
Alchemy is recognition of this truth - the belief that we are engaged in a perpetual state of refinement & evolution.    

Seek out your most sovereign self.  

Andrew Tipton

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Past is a Ghost

The past may be our ghost.
It may haunt us, it may whisper thoughts and emotions to our present self.

The past was us, it made today, it built us into the stories we've become.  But the past is not loyal to us, it is not loyal to the sovereignty of our present selves.
The past only remembers itself.   For better or worse.

The past may be a story of our alchemy, but it is not intent and striving for our present longing and transformation.
I am not in conflict with my past.  Neither am I in agreement with it altogether.  
I am not tethered to its raggedness,
or its shine.

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Monday, December 4, 2017

Let go of what you leave behind

Let go of what you leave behind. 
Take nothing with you, except what is consistent with the integrity
of your sovereignty.  

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holding Hands on the Way to Places

Noticing the edges in between moments lately.   So many magnificent forgotten fragments...   I adore the nature of ourselves when we are alone and sincere and in the middle of these deep unscripted transitions.       Life is not merely a series of Instagram shots...  it is not one social status update after another.    There is so much happening in between our "special" moments...  while we're on the way to places.   While we're just being ourselves -  before intention or awareness take root. 
The morning,  beams of warm early light through faded curtains.   Warm blankets tangled around a gentle kiss.   Coffee cups.   Reading surf magazines in our underwear.   Reciting dreams while the fragrance of incense fills the room. 
Later.  Holding your hand as we wander down avenues and corridors of Chattanooga.   Fingers interlaced.  Conversation.   The reflections of us in store windows on mighty streets,  the way we glow, the strut and natural integrity of us. 
I feel close to these moments lately.   I feel a kinship and reverence
Life is fascinating even when we aren't looking... even in the corners of ordinary.   
On the way somewhere.
It makes you want to pay attention.

Andrew Tipton