Monday, August 7, 2017

A Physical Kiss is Nothing Without It.

Let yourself feel the world that is already consuming you.
There is no escape from this existence.  This is the way, this is the full experience - do no be afraid of what is offered - the universe conspired to offer this to you, it created the emotion, it created affection and the feeling of sovereignty.
Why would you be afraid of this?   Why would you fear the endless open, bad-assness of this?
We are born with a cock... with a thrust.. with an eruption..  with the urge to take over to dominate / decimate the people around us, and we are often so timid of this urge.
Why?    Why do we fear our abilities?   We are made of the most glorious elements - human elements.    There is animal - and there is human.  transcendence - I realized today, that there is a complete lack of concern for the ordinary skills of men.  Seriously!   Women are neither impressed nor intrigued by the ordinary rules of maintenance or creation.   They feel this way, because they know!   They know... Heather knows...  that there is so much greatness buried inside, and ordinary actions do not drive her.  They do not bring her alive.    They will not suffice.
Women, the female vision and experience should be a compass for our actions, a reference for the quality of our behavior.   We should not be proud of ordinary actions, we should not offer ordinary action for love!!!    Ordinary action is worthless in love.    The feminine heart seeks, "awe" to be held in a state of bewilderment and revelation.    What a way to see the world!   What a quality to expect from your lover!    
We must persist.   Call attention to the deep and magical abilities that abide beneath our surface.  Be relentless.     Do what needs to be done...  do the chores and duties of manhood..  conquer the ordinary and straightforward..   but do not linger there.   Do not offer ordinary accomplishments to women...  do not offer ordinariness to love!     Love expects more, love requires more to be fulfilled!!
And do not fear!   Do not be afraid of reaching out beyond these ordinary things...  into the depths of what you can be.   There is greatness there.   Listen to me... its there... inexhaustible and fierce.
Do not fear.
act, be unpredictable, brave and consuming.  
Obey your sovereignty.
Let yourself feel the world that is already consuming you.   Inhale it.. without courtesy or pleasantry.. and exhale the same.
I say again,
Obey your sovereignty.

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Don't Be Afraid to Be Wrong

Don't be afraid to be wrong.
Don't be afraid to concede to a greater truth and be humbled...  and then grow, evolve, and overtake the limitations of your previous self.    And repeat this process again and again.   Always letting your grasp of truth and understanding remain loose and unclenched.
   Do not be threatened by knowledge..  do not be threatened by a thought or a voice that undermines your practice or challenges your way of life.
Listen.  Totally listen.  With a clear and open mind.
Being wrong isn't about you.   It isn't an affront to your identity or your intelligence.
Don't defend impoverished beliefs.
Sovereignty is learned and is never completed.

Andrew Tipton

Remember Why You Came

Andrew Tipton

Friday, June 30, 2017

revelations of companionship

Love is the method for understanding our muchness.
Avenues of ourselves cannot be approached except in the company and companionship of love.

Andrew Tipton

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Words with Friends

Friendships are the subtle authors of our character and our self-belief.    

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I want to love you in my own language

Love is its most effectual, romantic and convivial..  if it is born from our own self.

This year of discovering love, discovering my ability to inhale and exhale affection..   I have discovered that our ability to create powerful, uncommon, and extraordinary love is tethered to our willingness to love as our truest selves.     What makes love function at its most elevated state is not a formula or a standard...  it is simply letting ourselves be ourselves in a relationship.   
Its the undiluted spirit and conviction of a person that we first fall in love with!    I think that we do not have to become safe and whitewashed in relationships.. that strips away our incredible, unique gift.     So many people are bleached out and unrecognizable from their original versions.  Trying to behave as someone in love,  and forgetting just to be in love.  
When we try to speak a language in relationships that is not our own.   Its like creating a song on an instrument that we do not know how to play.   When we are not ourselves, love is not real.    The person opposite from us is not receiving our true version..  and deeply, subconsciously, they feel it.    And we feel it.     
Love, at it most righteous and bewildering, is driven by us utterly living and loving in our own language -  being thrilled with the poetry and rarity of our own story - letting that 'deep truth' of ourselves ripple outwards.    

Andrew Tipton  


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Firefly Lessons

Loosen Up.  Bro.
At peace, remain
Entangled in the gift of the day, night,


Fireflies are the mellow ones, the quiet sovereignty they possess. 
I sat in the thick certainty of night and watched them.  
Ambiance. Mystery. Gentleness. Warmth. 
Blanket of neon affection.
Some revelation engulfed me, some deep understanding of my own tightness.. 
my brutal seeking and pursuit of ambitious things
with a fixed and immovable gaze. 
Complexity and intention has a way of corrupting the softness and wonder of us. 
Sometimes the world has to burn
for us to rediscover our essential brightness.  Our glow.
Sometimes I have to wrap up my creature,
my warm animal
around itself,
show it undisturbed and legitimate love.
and Loosen Up. Be at peace.
Forget the world's order of things. 
Uphold only the deepest and most honest of my very own agreements.
Listen, smile, release. 
Staying close - among the enchanted rise and fall of my chest breaths.
My night is bright,
my night is open and a 'spark'  - a wild grin
fills the corners of my eyes. 

Andrew Tipton