Friday, March 24, 2017


Travel has a way of exposing the sides of us that are profound and substantial.    During my adventures in Puerto Rico,  I found my mind and heart deeply joined;  synchronized to my full and undiminished self.          I think adventurous travel allows us (if we're available) to glimpse beyond our pleasantries..  into the superb wholesomeness of ourselves.  Unencumbered, true, mystical, intelligent.  Travel is a gateway to a side of ourselves that is not tethered to maintaining the world around us...  untethered to the emotions and frailness of average people.

Andrew Tipton

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Delight in Yourself

   Sometimes I feel like there are more important things that undressing my lover and letting my fingers and lips dance across her body.   Sometimes I feel that my sensuality is a chore, that I must conjure the urge to remain attentive to the romance and deliciousness of the moment.     But then, as my lover stretches out before me..   her bare stomach slender and warm...   somewhere deep within my body, I feel a consuming happiness -  I remember how utterly magical it is to be a young, adult, human man.   I remember my lust and my wonder.   At the same time, I recollect the ache and tremble of my own decay..   of myself inevitably becoming older, slower, wrinkled and gray..    and all the distractions and tasks that I have created in my own mind - my desire for achievement and greatness slowly are unwound.   Not diminished...  but put in their right place.    And when I feel this...   I find myself absolutely captivated by our beauty.   My fingertips are awakened and deliberate..  my hands are eager to touch and caress.     I feel youthfulness coursing through every thread of my body.   I feel sincere and gifted with the chance to be aroused and intense.    No only in the animal sense...  not from an ordinary place..    but from the center of my awakened eyes..  from the most intelligent part of my heart.      When I kiss my lover's perfect stomach,  I am enchanted by our intertwined bodies..  enchanted by our supple skin and marvelous edges.    
Its a rare and spectacular thing to be young..  to be equally attracted lovers..    to see yourself as a powerful and lusciously built being.     It challenges everything about the priority of your moment.    
Remember to savor yourself.    Remember to delight in youthfulness.

Andrew Tipton

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fear Not the Shadows of Trees

We are afraid to look into the corners of ourselves that we do not understand or fully comprehend.    But there is nothing to fear there.  

Sometimes, I feel that in my peripheral vision there is a darkness that threatens me.   That threatens to undermine my substance and the clarity of my definition.    I teeter away from it.    I focus elsewhere.  
  And it remains. 
Choosing not to look at this darkness feels like the answer, like the choice that makes the most sense.   I mean, who knows what lingers there?    In the unexplored corners of ourselves?    
   I think a lot of us do this..  in relationships, towards beliefs, in regards to love, towards our insufficiencies.   We feel gaps in our abilities or chasms in our understanding..  and instead of seeking out those dark spaces..   we avoid them.   We look away -  terrified of what we do not know.    Instead of acknowledging our faults... we pretend they don't exist.  

But I am learning that the darkness that I am afraid of..   is not worthy of my fear. 

The darkness that I imagine to be so unravelling..   is truly only the shadows of swaying trees.    The shadows of leaves caught gently the in the breeze.   Not frightening... but instead intriguing, captivating, mysterious and wonderful.     

We must seek out our dark corners. 

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Higher Purpose of Organic Blackberries

Everyone is talking about organic these days.  Everyone seems to be dialed in on how to get the purest nutrition, how to put only goodness into our bodies. 
We are focused on where our fruits came from, and if the meat we bought lived a healthy and honorable life.   
We want to know who harvested our coffee beans, where our quinoa came from, and if our blackberries were grown without synthetic pesticides.   Suddenly we have a culture very intensely interested and preoccupied with consuming the "right" things.    I see stickers that read: "GMO free, ORGANIC, PURE, WHOLE, SPROUTED".. etc.  People are caught up (and I believe rightly so) with how a product was made - what makes it decent and worthwhile.  
There is the sense of pride about the whole thing.   We feel like superior people for buying, growing, or ingesting sustainable, high-quality deliciousness.   

Well, I happened to be eating some pesticide-free blackberries a few days ago. 
And I began to consider how much focus is invested on the input side of what goes into our bodies. 
There is often such an assumption about the quality of a person simply based on what they are feeding themselves.  
I think somehow we forget that this input has a purpose.
Sometimes, I think we believe that the only purpose for eating goodness is for our "bodies".   In a lot of ways, yeah, it totally benefits us to munch down on some organic kale, or devour some broccoli sprouts.. 
But we are more than just bodies.    
I asked myself..  personally...   what is the purpose of eating organic blackberries?   
If I'm so intent on going out of my way to invest in better food, and holding myself to a higher-standard of dietary stewardship...  then shouldn't I hold myself to that same standard on the other end?   
I mean..  after we buy all these bags of organic avocados...  is there anyone checking up with us later to make sure that those delicious, nuggets of perfection went to fuel an equally impressive purpose?   No.   There isn't.
After we buy this higher-minded food, we are sort of left to our own.      
There is all this forethought and wisdom that went into the act of input...  but no one is really holding us accountable for happens afterward. 
I want to believe that we eat honorable food...  because we want to become honorable people.
I want to believe that we value what goes into us because we also value the energy and output that leaves our bodies.  

Maybe we should consider a new agreement with our food.
Maybe we should give thought, not just to what we eat..  but also to the purpose of why we eat it.  
If we're slurping up some sautéed Brussel sprouts, maybe we should also take a moment to think about how this (superior energy) is going to be used in a superior way. 
If we are intent of eating foods whose origin has helped make the world a better place..  then maybe we should also be intent on using the energy from those foods to create a better place. 

...thoughts while devouring organic blackberries. 

Andrew Tipton

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Tradition is the adherence to an unconventional and daring decision from the past.
When we follow tradition, we are taking part in a legacy of remarkable, rebellious and provocative choices.  

I want to make my own traditions.
  To see the world in a way that is open to intimate and personal interpretation.

I want to celebrate and remember life, in my own way.  

Andrew Tipton



Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our Universe Adores Us

Our Universe Adores Us

I believe that when we talk about love, or we talk about someone (or something) in love with us, then we are driving this subconscious narrative that it is a love that has peaceful and gentle way about itself… safe and in many ways predictable.       Often, I think we want to believe in love, but we want to believe only in a love that fits our own narrative.   We want love that is coherent with our human timeline,  moral code, and practical / reasonable / logical perspective.      That construct of imagined love….  I am certain is not fully love.        If we keep walls surrounding what is possible for a universe's love… then we limit love to a very unimpressive and suffocating box -  one that refuses to expand beyond the perception of feeling of our present human moment.    It keeps love small,  it keeps us saying,  “Yes!  No!  Yes!  No!”       Deciding what IS love,  and not allowing love to crush us  from all sides.       To maintain this sort of love..  or demand that the universe adhere to our fragile construct of love..   is like standing knee deep in the ocean, demanding that the waves only lap gently at our shins.    You are in the ocean!   Give way to the ocean..   experience what the ocean is capable of -  or step out of it.     

I believe the Universe absolutely adores us.
    I think it is head over heals for us.
But I believe that its loves staggers the mind.   It operates outside of a congruent timeline, outside of an amiable code of conduct, outside of logic and practical assumption.   
It’s a love that can break you, it can tear away your safety and your efforts..   it is not a delicate, fluffy love (as my brother calls it).   Maybe it can be gentle and sponsoring..  but it has no allegiance solely to those qualities.   
Isn’t that exactly what we would want from a love? 
A way of affection that isn’t delicately wound taunt around our emotions or our fickleness.    An uncontrived, consuming, roaring love. 
I am ending this year convinced even more, that the universe is secretly plotting our victories..    but my vision for how that happens has been entirely re-imagined.   

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Reclaiming our identities in a world that seeks to normalize our human experience. 

 (thought) - When we rise up in the mornings, we should take a moment to recollect what it is that we adore about life.. and what we adore about ourselves.  and whatever we discover, we should pursue it, in some way, without exception. -  

I was driving today, cruising my way down the mountain on my way to create new music on the dulcimer.  I have the overwhelming urge to find an empty space and get lost in the deliciousness of my own musical inclinations.   In the scruffy seat beside me sits my Fender amp, and my small gourd of yerba mate tea.    I'm heading to the studio loft in Southside - the autumn washed leaves are hanging heavy from the branches overhead.    Reds, oranges, dusty yellows.  Clinging to the warmth of early November.     The winding turns of the Ochs highway, whips my old jeep left and then right and I can't help but grin wildly.     
I begin to realize, on this twisting commute, what my soul is aching for...   exactly what it is that, somewhere deeply, I tremblingly crave from existence.
"I want freedom,  I want creation, I want to write music, I want sincere dialogue, I want true love, I want perpetual intrigue, I want to build treehouses in California,, I want to live simply and eloquently.... "      Spontaneously I find myself repeating this list of "desires" to myself.   The essence of who I am.. and who I seek to be,  flows from my lips.    it feels like there is a direct line from the intensity of my heart, straight to the physical world!  I feel ferocious, joyful, vibrant, complete.   The burst of energy that comes from simply "speaking" what I believe about myself, feel intense and clear.  
I realized it has been so long since I allowed myself to SPEAK outwardly (loudly) about my intentions ... and when they spilled out... each one felt 'certain' and 'clear'.     
Perhaps WE always know what we are made of.  

We MUST speak to ourselves about what we DESIRE.   We MUST say to ourselves (EVERYDAY) what it is that we are built from, tell ourselves the story of our captivation with life's mysteries - whatever those my be.    We must speak up during our driving, or walking, or daily normalcy.. and scream inside our hearts to shake loose the dust that gathers on our dreams.  

We live in a place that seeks to limit our expectation and affection for ourselves.   We are taught that we must choose from stories that already exist.    I do not agree to that!    
Our identity is not tethered to the life story of anyone else...  not in the past or present.  
We do not have to agree to the life-choice of anyone else. 
We are making the future right now..   we are the edge of the unknown, the edge of "never-before".
Obey the part of yourself that you ADORE..  pursue it relentlessly! 

Andrew Tipton