Thursday, September 20, 2012

May Your Limits Be Unknown

We try to make ourselves.. to keep ourselves something tangible, and coherent, and lasting.. but it is the definition of self that confines self.

We are convinced that we must cling to what we have built around ourselves. The stories must last! I AM! We scream that mantra. but we are not our stories. We have no claim on our trophies or our failures. We are not yesterday.. anymore than yesterday is today. We are the now. We are the moment that is happening. We are the day in hand, the certainty of hope, the racing heart.

I have a failing will to be anything that I have ever been. I am curious and terrified to discover what person lies beyond my expectations.

We are not confined to live as we have ever lived. To think as we have ever thought, or to speak any word that has ever left our lips before.

Today. We are new.

May your limits be unknown.

-Andrew Tipton