Thursday, May 31, 2012

Conversations of Balance

The sky has edges. and
they are made of patchwork. silk quilts.
Black the touch. 
 I swum laps in waves of tall bending grass,
at sunset. you almost drown in their red golden.
Tree pose.  As an island.
 Closes his eyes and there are two hawks waiting.
for a conversation.
Ravens follow me to the edges. and linger on fence posts. 
If you can speak the language of stillness.  Now is the time!
For an entire song.  Or.  Until your legs break.
 from underneath.  
His fingers stretch in perfect. threads to the sky.lines
to the center of the moment.
-----She says:  "yes, balance does exist..   yes."   it does.   
And it grows towards him..
He believes in the subtleties; black birds swaying on.on powerlines.
E VEN LY.  spaced.   
He believes you must become a thing to see it.  s
unfathomable angles.  
it. s   necessity  and majesty.
All living things tremble outwards towards him,
reclaiming their

Andrew Tipton

Monday, May 21, 2012

Roaming Trails

Andew Tipton

Six Times in a Circle

Green tea stains everything
on the pages,
it makes the words
the cursive into jumbalia,
puts grace into my mispelings. because
the poems
make more sense when you can't read
makes you want to read them more, that way
so you drink recklessly.  
hand-crafted mug, pottery - sip splash.
your new medium,  Green Tea Poetry
algorithms, presidential debates, science fiction.
We are the creationists, the writers, the leaf pickers.
the blue
on the page are melting. 
no more blue collars. 
around my neckline.
no more order. no mas. 
Solemente liberdad.  Green Tea stains.

Andrew Tipton

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cahaba River Lillies

  These gorgeous flowers only bloom once a year (in May) in the Cahaba River,  there are literally thousands of them in places..  as you kayak down stream you are surrounded by their fragrance.    Before leaving for Puerto Rico, Ryan and I took a trip to the river and were overcome by their natural beauty.   


Monday, May 7, 2012

Dulcimer Festival

Miss Dorene..  Making quilts for nearly 60 years,  the name of this one on the left is "Drunkard's Walk" -   She told me that the swaying lines represent a man who has had to much whiskey!   


Robert,  hand builds his dulcimers from mahogany and walnut.  I talked with Rob for nearly an hour and he filled me in on the stories and orgins of the Appalacian dulcimer.    An intelligent and mischevious guy..  I really enjoyed his company. 

Andrew Tipton