Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Swimming in the ocean near Cape San Blas.    

Come roam among my secrets.
my warm hand in yours,
fingers intertwined,
and become the
the hunter of God's subtleties.
Be the one
I turn toward in the midst of my dismay
and perfect aloneness.. 
be the one
I say,
"Here, look at this magic here!!!"
And they will be our secrets. 
The ones that only belong to us.
We will swim in the them.
Have you considered this? 
:GODLINESS.   Ohhh0ooh.. 
it's reconsidering what to make of us. 
WE.  You + Meeeoowwww. 
it's the OPEN MIND.  the wide sprawling ocean in the night,
The concoction of stars
shimmering, enchanting, encircling our skins. 
Supernovas for another galaxy.
Thrust, swim, arms and whole selves.
Drip drip drip... a million flecks of tiny light cascading from our bare
Splendidly from our chests.
The fox sees these things. 
These are the secrets.  For my partner, lover accomplice;
eager and longing for subtle and astounding ventures.
The deep and unseen moments,
where I privately feel god's warm kiss upon my neck
(and I want you there),
upon the sea shore.
The two of us among god's mystic spells..  ahh..  
the gentle enormous smile
supernatural adoration.

Andrew Tipton