Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rainstorm in a Hammock

We live in a world that is challenged, changed and disturbed by our interaction.    Our intentions have teeth -  as much purpose and fulfillment as we allow them..   we give ourselves room to breathe, but that space is hollow -  moments lacking definition.
there is no room to breathe in this place.  I mean that tonight,  I have hallucinations from exhaustion..  there is no room to breathe.  BUT I am stronger than ever,  more alive, more vivid, more aware..   because we must always remember to be ourselves.   The self is never gone,  never depleted, never vanquished, never taken..   it is always there to draw from, to come back to and begin again.   
     Tonight I am a dream with shoulders and a name.      I think sometimes we fear loosing ourselves upon our world, because we fear that we will vanish away with the words that leave our mouths,     It is not true...  have found that we are larger, and more powerful that we realize.    There is not an precipice into which we will vanish, NO.    there is not a place EVER where we must surrender our "SELF" and retreat away from who we were born to become.       We are beyond these bodies,  beyond our comfort and our tiredness..   we are the person buried inside a sunrise - impossible to fathom, and impossible to be undone.  

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, July 1, 2012