Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fear Not the Shadows of Trees

We are afraid to look into the corners of ourselves that we do not understand or fully comprehend.    But there is nothing to fear there.  

Sometimes, I feel that in my peripheral vision there is a darkness that threatens me.   That threatens to undermine my substance and the clarity of my definition.    I teeter away from it.    I focus elsewhere.  
  And it remains. 
Choosing not to look at this darkness feels like the answer, like the choice that makes the most sense.   I mean, who knows what lingers there?    In the unexplored corners of ourselves?    
   I think a lot of us do this..  in relationships, towards beliefs, in regards to love, towards our insufficiencies.   We feel gaps in our abilities or chasms in our understanding..  and instead of seeking out those dark spaces..   we avoid them.   We look away -  terrified of what we do not know.    Instead of acknowledging our faults... we pretend they don't exist.  

But I am learning that the darkness that I am afraid of..   is not worthy of my fear. 

The darkness that I imagine to be so unravelling..   is truly only the shadows of swaying trees.    The shadows of leaves caught gently the in the breeze.   Not frightening... but instead intriguing, captivating, mysterious and wonderful.     

We must seek out our dark corners. 

Andrew Tipton