Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dunes & Time

There is a place between two lines. Two white lines that keep us in line.
Adventure stays always to the right, and always to the left; and we are trapped in the middle between these painted cages.

Have you ever felt that staying inside the lines wasn't enough? What fear keeps us bound the blackness of the road? Is it the smoothness? The comfort? The Safety and predictibility? I watch a thousand people pass me, and they only know the world by what their eyes have told them. The truth of life passes us by at a blazing 75 miles per hour.
What does it feel like to get out of the lines, to get into a river, into a desert, over a fence, onto a rock, covered with the sweat and smell of existence.. of feeling.

Afraid of it all. Afraid to feel, to get dirty or to get tired. We struggle simply with the thought of not being entirely protected and secure.

There is life beyond the white lines. Life that is full of stories, of excitement, of thoughts and smiles and brusies and pain. But it is real, and it is absolutely extrordinary.

(Andrew Tipton)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Pursuit of Life

There is a burning desire that has been unleashed over the last few weeks. The desire to see the world, the desire to express my inner self, the desire to stand and face the world and have a solid look in my eyes. This lifestyle embraces the open minded, draws the curious and entices those that are hollow from the shallowness of living for the lifeless. I have climbed to see angels, swum in the deepest of lakes, explored the dangerous edges of cliffs, seached for enlightenment, found peace, and I am smiling.

What do we all search for? Is it wealth? Health? Freedom? Stories? I think what we are all looking for is absolute pure beauty of happiness. It is what moves us to make all decisions, to act to destroy, to move, to move to move to move to move to move to move. I am happy here, between rocks, hard places, trees, thoughts, and the unknown.

(Andrew Tipton)