Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All that I desire. I am.

We are wholly and utterly connected to the gifts and affections of consciousness. 
 We are the spark as well as the soul of the universe.  We are not separate from our dreams, we are not separate from our purpose or the perfection of ourselves..  .    We are and have always been in perfect harmony with the origins of what we desire.   Hope, wisdom, grace, peace, strength, immense joy, and happiness..  these are not distant or elusive;  every fragment of our heart's longing and will is extended towards us as human beings..   not waiting for us to "ask"..  but waiting for us to claim them as part of our experience.    What we desire for ourselves as humans is already ours.  

 Whether we realize this or not, each day we are consciously or unknowingly binding (accepting) tethers of agreement with greatness, goodness, weakness, purposelessness, infinite beauty, desolation..  etc.  inviting these energies, both positive and negative, into our lives.     These are our agreements with life..  these are our agreements with ourselves.       We may claim or reject any agreement.. either creating a new tether towards something we desire,  or severing one that holds us back.    Realizing that we are the source of these agreements..  the source of their fulfillment.. this is a powerful lesson. 

We have direct tethers to the insight and fearlessness of the universe. 
Nothing that exists, does so outside of our relationship with god / ourselves.  
When we are ready to accept liberty, or when we are finally ready for love or joy..  we may create agreements with these desires.    Instead of sheepishly asking for the fulfillment of our purpose..   we should say with authority and consciousness:    "I build an agreement with love..  I claim the limitless love that is offered to me through every part of the universe."      Because we are the universe, we are god, we are these emotions, we are these desires.  We are already everything that we desire from ourselves.    

Andrew Tipton

Friday, August 16, 2013

supreme purpose

"I want absolute salvation, I want freedom and understanding and lightness,  I want unspeakable pleasure, I want to be good then bad, then good again,  I want to explore and learn and get hurt and feel everything and be felt and filled and cry with happiness and experience things straight out of a novel.    I want life as close to fiction as I could possibly have."

Sunday, August 4, 2013

It was you breathless and tall

let me stay.
 for a moment longer.  time
does not listen,  as I lean against the dirty fence, tilt my head back
and watch as she signs her name on the bottom of the page.
two of the kind that loves. the greatness of drawing whatever comes
to mind.  stiches in a worn out bag.  sidewalks. denim. string binding
us together.  Alabama summers.   and vegetables. 
fingers through our hair as our voices are lost in the noise of the street cars,
and we are merely speaking into each others' eyes.
both knowing, both realizing that somehow this conversation
was longer in a different place
the world knows exactly what is right, 
through, tonight it seems too fast. 
I'll write you a poem,
as slowly as I can
\it might still be to fast
for me. 
I wish we could come back to a moment, and
finish it,  without rushing.
this would be one of these. 

folds his poetry into her hands,
paintings under his arm,
a goodbye in a smile,
moving along, 
through the rush of the darkness
through the city,
as time holds my hand and
pulls me. onward. 

Andrew Tipton