Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Letters from Colorado

She was already sitting on the ledge when I pulled up.  Knees to her chest, looking down at the river.
I had a bottle of eleven dollar red wine and a paper sack filled with Chilton County peaches.   And some strawberries in a cup.  

What makes us?   And where do the small places take us?   
There are a thousand of these memories.. fragile and permanently twined around my recollection; chisel marks curving and shaping my character..  just a millimeter here, and another there.     I think, maybe its not the obvious pieces that etch out our muchness..  but rather the ones we were never really expecting.   The songs in the galleys of sailboats, sneaking into hostels in San Francisco, the conversations about love in campers, watching prayer flags flutter while sitting on a balcony... or, eating peaches and drinking wine at sunset.    
We're making it...  we're making us..  though ever so slightly..  with the least of our moments.  

Everything matters.   

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Only What You Bring

The road,
is only what you bring
with you.
It may seem vast,
stretching out in all directions
and limitless, 
in depth and possibility,
and yet
it becomes only
what we
take along
for the journey.  

pack well.  

Andrew Tipton