Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Undiminished Muchness

Speaking with the brotherhood this evening.. Trent, and Ryan.   The September atmosphere is pushing us deeper into masculine conversation;  The essence of purpose, the vastness of the female mind, our acknowledgement of our intentions..etc.    On our table are two glasses of whiskey,  a journal, yerba mate, and a cup of vino.  Trent is rolling a cigarette.   Ryan is leaning back in his chair, cap backwards, his bicep tattoo, "tocar la tierra", gleaming in the porch light.     I am sitting between them, admiring the clarity and the ferocious goodness worn on the shoulders of these men.   I consider myself fortunate to be in strong company. 

These are peaceful warriors.   Seeking out their undiminished muchness.   Seeking out their own paths and their own agreements with the world they live in.  
[There is not a higher calling for a man than to seek out his own god-ness...  to wrestle and converse with his inner self until he is exhausted... and perfected.]  
Friends who want greatness for their world,  ultimately want greatness for you,  and I am aware of this distinctly tonight..

We are all feeling very MUCH. As MUCH as we decide we want to. 
And there is never the feeling that we should slow down, or keep it concealed, or the slightest
embarrassment about it.   We speak boldly and with conviction.  
That is the way to be.  

Andrew Tipton



Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I claim strength
and optimism. I claim the love that is all around me
growing things,
changing the seasons,
directing the paths of men,
and friendship.
I claim the wisdom
that built me,
I claim the happiness
that makes children laugh,
I claim peace
and calmness.
I claim the prosperity
towards my actions
and my intention.
I claim my joy
in the beauty of the sky,
and of feathers,
and common things.  

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Path of Reconciliation.




Andrew Tipton