Thursday, March 29, 2012


I double exposed this slide before pulling it through the camera.. I love the effect, just getting a glipse of what's there, and letting your thoughts piece everything together to still make sense. I'll be doing more soon.

Andrew Tipton

Dancing Close to Jenny

I believe that the universe is in a continual state of rewriting balance. My life has been written already - my energy - is continuation of the past and a glimpse of the future. I am living and breathing a circle that has existed and recreated itself for all of time.

If we were to lose our idea of existing within the framework of a "story", we would see ourselves (our experience) more clearly. Imagine that we are the expression of an infinite purpose, that instead of fulfilling a narrative, we are fulfilling an endless intention. If we are a "purpose" instead of merely a "story", this means that our form is infinitely adaptable. If we see that we contribute to life in a way that exists beyond our human limitations, then our need to be part of a story disappears. A story may have a beginning or and end, but a "purpose" continues regardless of the character. I feel that my story is a purpose - not that I "have" a purpose as a human, but that I am (my existence) is purpose. This is, to me, a more intimate way to observe our collective path.. to witness how completely we are rooted inside motion.

Purpose is indifferent, it shows no preference, no regard for how it achieves itself - so it can take any shape. Each of us become purpose on a level that has absolutely nothing to do with our humanity. We show reverence for our "self" but that "self" belongs to the echo of the universe - not our bodies, not our abilities. Purpose will work itself despite us, and through us, and with us - in an infinite way.

Andrew Tipton

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Becoming Purpose

I keep falling down down is not the way up. And it feels. Maybe it is no longer the vacant place inside but a real one that grows and falls to pieces on its own. Maybe I am the it, and the one that breaks into shadows when the wind blows sideways. I feel like there is nothing left but up because down has been alright for so long. And it is more about finding your way back up that it is about finding a new way, or a strange connection to the ocean or the waves, or the sounds of music that flow outwards toward my face. I think that it takes great strength to find mercy in myself. There is no mercy in the face of creativity, there is no mercy. WE say that we are the creationists that we take ourselves outwards and create life around ourselves. And yet there is no mercy in creativity.. because cREAtivity is always UP. Never any other way but up, I have never felt like there was any other way but up. Can you find one? Can you show me where the spaces between down and sideways connect to UP. They do touch at some point and it is right there that I find myself. Wondering. Deciding that there can be more than one specific angle, I genuinely cannot find a better place to fall that inside a mind that does not shy away from the structure and the admiration for sideways thoughts. They grow and become the arrows of our mouths. I imagine that we are able to find ourselves whenever we are sideways.. because we are no longer looking UP and we are no longer looking DOWN. We can finally find ourselves where we exist in the space between the purple owl feathers. I don’t know if it takes more substance to breathe easily. Or more admiration to feel each breathe. And when I say that I am talking about seeing the walls disappear. There is just much that needs to be said and found and I am the one that needs to find and discover these things there is a throbbing robbin in my shoulder, and I need it massaged away. There is a bees nest in my heart and it wants to take a long good run through the back country roads. This is the talk of the moment.

Andrew Tipton