Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In The Company of Gods

Today started with the sound of rain and then a sensation of awakening clarity.   Neither pursued or imagined..  an overwhelming sense of becoming and intuitive inflection.  

As I lay awake in my tent surrounded in thoughts of purpose,  I let myself drift through nearly seven different mental states of being.    From excitement to rage, from sensual pleasure to philanthropic visionary..   these consuming moods swept through my body,  each one fully embodying my thoughts and my physical presence.    These were more than simply emotions..    I watched myself take on entirely different shapes..   each mood was full of its own blessings and its own obstacles.    I realized that the selves that I was experiencing were all part of me; each one serving my life's purpose.    No individual part of my self can adequately create the vision I hold for my future or the future of enlightenment..   it is not until I allow myself to unleash and embrace each individual mood,  that I am able to take my mind and body to the level I ultimately desire.

There are characters of this self..   this man, this person..  every version, every character is essential and unique.  The boundaries and abilities for each character are vast and contribute to my greatness in very personal ways.   To become unified in consciousness is to allow each character to play their role..   to abandon the thought of maintaining a single presence at all times.   This means that although my belief of life / my purpose may be aligned on every level... my physical and mental ability to manipulate the present reality is open for interpretation.    
We are gods.
   Each manifestation of our self is merely one shade of our consciousness..  a unique and intricate ability, from which we may achieve all of life's purpose.  


Andrew Tipton   

This Island has a River

Andrew Tipton

/Wilderness Song

"Bitter pain is in store for me, but I shall bear it. Beauty beyond all power to convey shall be mine . . . Death may await me . . . Not through cynicism and ennui will I be easy prey. And regardless if all that may befall, let me not be found to lack an understanding of the inscrutable humor of it all." 

- Everett Ruess

Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Earth Woman


There is so much knowledge just waiting for us to ask..    This month I met purposefully strong and beautiful female farmers who have blessed me with wisdom and shown me their methods in the sustainable growing of fruits and vegetables.    It is easy to forget the sacredness of ourselves, and to forget to honor the source of our health..  our foods.     Spending time tilling soil, building shelters, admiring these roots and leaves, I have discovered that the wellness of my body is ultimately grounded in my respect for each meal..  where it came from, and acknowledging its purpose for granting me life.   
Andrew Tipton

Sunday, June 2, 2013

indomitable hope


"imagine if every will was free to roam,
imagine if the trees could tell us where to go

imagine that the sun could fill each lonely heart,
imagine confrontation never got a start,

imagine if things were always crystal clear,
imagine if the mind never interfered

imagine if we could fly with broken wings
imagine if the heart could shed its skin,

patience please,

patience please,
I'm creating a dream,"

-Xavier Rudd