Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Intuition experience

I have found myself taken with the idea of intuitive timing.  I am discovering an earth that is intimately aware of my condition, and my availability.  It is as if I have the potential to fit snugly into an elaborate puzzle that has been in progress for thousands of years.  
 'Intuition'', i believe, is a perpetual awareness of significant and unique experiences.  Realizing at any given moment that a person or a action has great meaning to my thread of life - despite an inability to comprehend the reason.  It is the acceptance that life has a greater intention than what our eyes and minds have the ability to see.    
we are limited by our need for closure and rational logic..  but i do not believe this is always the method of the universe.  sometimes the plot exceeds our own story..  because of our limited perspective of time we are unable to see every detail unfolding.  The past, the future, our present.. they all converge at odd and mysterious points..  Places that seem of little importance unless we are expecting their arrival.    At no point in life is an action or circumstance isolated..   it only appears to be because we are so close to the moment.    

I am learning to abandon my own rules and justification for time.  
Intuition is watching.  Intuition, is feeling the depth of an experience... a conversation, or a smile from a stranger, an strange thought..  and watching where it leads us.
It is the lessening of our own forcefulness, the subsiding of our habit of creating a rational environment..  intent on controlling the outcomes of circumstance.
Our timing is not the universe's timing...  Our rules are not its rules. 

  This is how it starts at least..
 I feel as though i am beginning to see myself surrounded by light, and my path surrounded by an equal lightness..  a presence that guides me onto a conversation or action.
I am just watching life grow roots.  i am just watching the layers unfold.  

Andrew Tipton

Friday, November 16, 2012

Naming the Animals, part II

every softness and roar,
every color and yarn,
Each motion, every moment.   These days are epics.
We cannot comprehend of what quality until time has stretched
us, a bit further.

Yet, each is miraculous.
If you believe one thing.  Believe in this.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Self. Illumination.

It is fascinating to me how we treat ourselves differently depending upon the presence or absense of others.
It's as if we live double lives - one version of ourself takes shape when there is a crowd, and the other when we are certain of our complete seclusion.
It is not a new thought, I know.  We might assume that this is simply how life is lived, extending effort when it is socially required, and then withdrawing when we have time to ourselves.  It's our culture, it's what we do.   People need time to unwind, to relax and chill out.
But, what I have noticed (mostly in myself) is that the quality of our time spent alone seems greatly diminished compared to the moments we share with others.  there is an increasing and fierce difference not only in what we do, but the level of attention and affection that we give ourselves when no one else is watching.   In short, our alone time is missing love.
I think one of the great benefits to social exposure is that it unleashes a side of us that wants to impress, wants to speak about fascinating topics, wants to savor delicious meals or enjoy life unsparingly.   our exuberance creates an extremely positive atmosphere most of the time, and we walk away from a day or night feeling alive and passionate.   We treat our bodies well and we treat our minds well when we are interacting with others.
On the reverse, think of the time that is spent alone..  when the only person around is ourself.  Does it look different?     why do we spend so much effort on our interactions with others, and yet devote so little affection to our own sacred aloneness?
 I think most of us have a debilitated perspective on what it means to have time just for ourselves.  For most of us, our primary focus in life revolves around relating to  and enjoying other people - unfortunately that creates an unengaged, disinterested attitude towards aloneness.  While we certainly need space to recharge and relax, there is so much pleasure that can come from treating ourselves well, even when no one else is nearby.    Our self is the most important being in our universe, it is our closest friend, our greatest ally, our health, our wellness..    I believe that the quality of life we enjoy is greatly reflected in how we fill our empty spaces.  
I want to advocate self-enchantment.. intense and deliberate.   I am excited that we each have space to be ourselves uninhibited!   what a gift!    Im excited to begin seeing my aloneness in a different light, taking a wilder and more ambitious interest in self.

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Naming the animals, part 1

vivir y morir son comunes y porque son comunes, tienen disappered en nuestras mentes.
para evolucionar, creo que debemos tomar nosotros mismos a los lugares comunes. 
en la tierra y en el conocimiento, y tenemos que ver esos lugares con nuevos ojos - los ojos de los niños que todavía tienen admiración por los detalles comunes.
Gran parte de lo que hacemos, se realiza a ciegas.  

Andrew Tipton