Monday, December 31, 2012

Pursue Goodness

I beginning to admire myself from the inside out
The creation of wholeness, of strength and well being come from our attention to the lonesome spaces - the deeper quiet side of self.  
When we hope in people, we are truly hoping in that unseen part of them.       "My god," we say to ourselves, "I hope they are truly the way they appear to be."      When we say this, we must in turn look back into ourselves.    
     Life truly becomes for us what we are.    Pursue goodness.

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, December 16, 2012

To See the World As It Is

There is a quiet warmth to her lately, a gentle thoughtful look that brings you inside and makes you want to stay longer than expected.  She says she desires stillness and I admire that..    She says these are the last of the good years, the last of the young ones.  
  I've always thought so too.      It is a strange thing to think about not climbing the steps up to her apartment - the scent of sandalwood and paintings of nimbus clouds.   The coffee plant that was once so fragile has outgrown its space..  And maybe us too.       
The leaves that surround her tiny balcony in the summertime have all fallen from the branches.  You can hear the trains in the winter.   The prayer flags tattered and faded..  Now have character.     The walls are covered in the stories of the past few years.   Letters, maps, poetry, sadness, joy. 
I come up here to grow sideways.. to practice my synonyms.    
I come up here to listen to music and to perfect my smile. 

  Truth starts over mid-sentence..  even while we're still speaking, we begin to see things differently.   Not because we choose to, but because we want to.  Always be growing.  Recreating. 
I admire that about her.  To see the world as it is..  you must always be changing too. 

Andrew Tipton 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cape San Blas

We are gifted at rare moments to an awareness of all our senses at once.  at those times the world becomes like a dream -  intimate and possessing. 
Andrew Tipton

Saturday, December 1, 2012

In the days that follow.

We fail, and we die,
We are victorious, and we die,

We are families, and we die
We are vagabonds, and we die,
We are lovers, and we die,

We suffer, and we die,

We are creationists, and we die,

We laugh, and we die,
We teach, and we die,
We learn, and we die,

We are enlightened, and we die,
We are prophets, and we die

And the world takes notice just before it dissolves into the birth of a supernova.
The sweet incandescent thoughts we whispered and the wars we waged
All things balance in the stillness that follows,
And the stars breathe loudly,
A sigh that wanders infinitely through time.

And we were before we began.
As much as we'll ever be.

We live,
And we die.

Andrew Tipton.