Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding the Mood

I feel as though sometimes we attempt to fulfill paths of life that our inner selves are not yet ready to explore. Although we might be able to comprehend an idea, or see a path with clarity, our present potential exists beyond the scope of our own will.
While we may appear to be the origin of our successes and limitations, perhaps we are also bound to the schedule of a broader, more intricate destiny. You could call this discovering the perfection of timing.. or I prefer, finding the mood.

The mood I feel, is a subconscious momentum shift in a particular direction.. guiding us toward the crux of our potential and acting as a facilitator for our innermost intentions.
Just as "being in the mood" is a crucial part of the sensual human experience, so "finding the mood" enables our mind's desires to be fully and optimally realized. The evolution of relationships, our capacity for creativity, the realization of certain truths and wisdom - I feel that the synchronicity of life's experiences are each highly intentional. Our thoughts and actions take shape much like the pieces of a puzzle, rarely fitting exactly when and where we desire.. yet perfect and functional in their own time.

Andrew Tipton

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sideways the Raven Flies

Sideways. Sparrow hearted brothers.
The wings are wide. The wings. are wide.
I'm not seeing things straight. No more one direction.
Up or down.
Step of out line. Place a thought here to gather steam.
I am. Roaming angles.
Aqua duct. Gondola river route.
Rain dance Raven.
The black birds are in the trees, and
they have already found what I am searching for.
I watched you running with your arms up. through a field.
Sea Shells wrapped around your wrists. In your underwear.
Running sideways.
Can't top that. Can't beat that. Up Down. No way.
The wings are wide. The wings. are w i d e.
Maybe I want to exist. after all.
Fasten my saddle for the ride. Its a ride. after all.
Sideways love it. Sideways love things like you. Who believe already
in love.
Walk the line men! Stay fierce men! Up. Down. Up or down.
..... But ...... this ..... IS.. s i de w a y s.
IS. Where the birds perch. Outside my window.
Next to god - out on a limb.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wounded Eyes and Seeing Clearly

As soon as I saw the blood, my heart broke into a thousand jagged pieces. I felt a silent agonized scream rip its way from inside my lungs, punching the breath out of me. My body wouldn't move fast enough or deliberate enough to reverse time or take back the moment.. I tried, I just don't know how. Suddenly the world lost focus and then realigned itself.. everything that had made sense ten minutes ago became inconsequential - we really are fragile I remember thinking. ArRRRrraaahhHHH! The scream finally broke free of my mouth.

(Thoughts while driving to the hospital)
I think that all that holds substance in life is love - Genuine, bewildered, unfiltered, and desperate. It takes the realization of impermanence to make me see that. But, DAMN! I do see it. I see how much is offered, I see how little I accept, I see the thickness of the threads.. like a web spreading out connected to everything I do. Love makes us vulnerable, it makes us tangible, it makes us powerful.. I don't want to miss it.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book About Waves

I got a book about waves.
Hard to believe you could fit a wave between. The Pages.
In a book.

Some things you don't know until you're down.
Inside them. Thrusting.

And even then, you are just a man with eyes, and arms.
Make. Believe.

Maybe. There are more. Also
On a page. In a book. In our heads.

That we don't know the truth of them.
The mind thinks so. But the body.. oh the body
does not know.

Not the feeling. Outside. Beyond the talk of it.
Beyond the figured out and the all of it.

I held my grandfather.s hand yesterday,
while he told me goodbye for the second time.

He said, I'll miss you. And meant it.

And we both cried.
Its one thing to talk about waves

neatly bound.
between two covers.

And another thing. To be inside the O C E A N.

Andrew Tipton

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Human Skins

I remember about day 27 on a road trip across the Western states.. driving across Nevada. The windows in my car were rolled down, my hair was a wild mass of uncombed blond curls, several adventures worth of sweat and dirt clinging to my body. I remember thinking right at that moment how legitimately undomesticated and pure I felt. It was a content roar inside my head that embraced every tarnished, sunburned freckle of my exhausted human self. In that moment I was content to BE.. unabridged and relaxed.

Don't get me wrong, I am not addicted to perpetually smelling like a wet mountain lion.. but I do believe there is a goodness to be found in giving ourselves the liberty to be human - however scruffy, disheveled, pungent and brutally honest that may appear.
This is not a statement about "getting back to nature, man" (Although I like that idea).. this is something more realistic for all of us.. cutting ourselves some slack.
I think its critical for our sanity and well being that we let each other exist as human people - unprocessed, imperfect, and supremely beautiful. Almost every day I either feel judgement coming towards me, or I pass judgement toward other people based on nothing more than appearance. It is a sad place when we AS HUMANS do not allow ourselves the fullness of the HUMAN experience.
I think we're starving for it.. starving to just relax into our own bodies for once and not be judged or critiqued.
I want to admit my own humanity.. I have faults, I have fears, I have weakness,.. and that's OK. We all do. I do not want to exist in a world that denies or conceals the struggle and the wonder of the true life. We miss a lot when we are not resting in our own human skins.

Andrew Tipton