Monday, October 29, 2012

Americana Sunrise.

Americana / Sela Bay.    Polaroid 420,  Land Camera.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rebelious October

Talk to me.   Tell me everything.  There is nothing I do not care to know.
You drive me crazy.  good ways. Sideways.  
I ask..   I am asking. 
|  I do not see a straight line. leading anywhere.
And part of me wants to make sure that the world knows,  ,
I see that there can't be anything but what has already been waiting.   In the depths..  ocean blue. 
can you find the source of rain.  but it falls,
Even. When we can't grasp ourselves. Yet, here we are.
 I admire the ones who take care to live recklessly.
  I admire the thirsty, the screamers, the dis-conventionalists.  I adore the epic silences that follow. flickers of wisdom and tiredness.
we are each born screaming... And gradually fall silent.   Asleep in our armchairs,
   I see no reason to admire practicality.   I have the urge often times to sail in to the ocean and not to look behind me..   but I know I would.    And I wonder if sometimes to be whatever it is that the world needs,  perhaps you must become something you do not yet believe in. yet yourself, 
 Begin and find him walking beside you. Already.

Andrew Tipton

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sail the caribbean

This is a track from Jesse Cook's newest album.. "The Blue

I am fascinated by the feeling of this. Not just the song, (which is my favorite
by the way) but the resonating shift

in his music.. you can literally hear the change - its not a gentle step in a
new direction.. its a leap somewhere into an unknown darkness.

My first time listening, I was entranced by the black moodiness.. its so
out-of-character for Jesse.. and that feels wildly good to me.

So much of my thought recently has been focused on returning to a
sense of impractical
. I find that there is such a quick
response in myself to step away from bravery..  an almost automatic behavior to hide behind
the practicality

of a decision - (not many people in this culture will call you out on
adhering to a practical lifestyle
).   There is a great deal of security making
choices that have little risk.    It
becomes our habit, I think, to turn away from our fantastic and adventurous

But this is such an uninspiring way of living! When we always choose the
practical route.. we quietly shut away the marvelous side of being alive.  We may live safely, and we may die
comfortably, but there will not be a story worth sharing in the end...   when our time is finished, the world will never
have felt our presence, never known that we ever came or went.    


I am beginning to admire the impractical choices of others.. the ones based
on something deeper and more passionate than predictable and rational decision
making.     These
are the ones to watch – these are the people that are excited to be here.   


This album.. Blue Sessions, is a punch in the face of practicality.   Jesse Cook let go of the musician he is known
to be.. he is challenging the roots of practical expectation.    I am excited to see that!   I am excited to feel that same urge inside my
own bones.   




Andrew Tipton