Monday, November 30, 2015

Give Fear Up

Listen to me now universe,
I do not beg of you..   I stand with shoulders broad,
straight and tall, and lean,  and a hunger.
the glow has travelled away, and returned again
there is war here, 
there is fixation and a madness,

I tell you,
fear is a liar.   And I must give it up.   

Andrew Tipton

Friday, November 27, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love and darkness are my side arms.  

Love and darkness are my side arms.  
  Affection and the adoration of mystery. 
  Be Relentless.   make sure of it! 
 Life begs for this! 
 Leave me tethered to the shadows,  an origami bear, a handmade rock..  hidden among the deep chasms of the intuition.  The secrets, the gentle raging plots of our former selves,
 cunning and complex and divine.   
    Tucked away in between the conventional ordinaryness of a traveller's pack.. canvas, faded leather.  
 among the thistles of the high desert.   

The gift is the daydream that thinks up darkness..  the gift is the mind that seeks to surprise and taunt joy from each other's numbed edges.   
To cause sparks. 
 To incite intrigue.
   To make life glisten with uncanny possibility.  

Andrew Tipton   

Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris on A Friday

Reading about the attacks in Paris tonight.    Viewing photos of the faces of bleeding and injured people, looking into their eyes and seeing the fear and the disbelief.. the sadness, the rage.   I feel the rage too, somewhere in the pit of my chest,  gnawing at me.   

Tonight, I remember who my enemies are. 
Clearly and precisely.  

We fight so much here in America, over insignificant issues.  We quarrel over racial differences,  we attack expressions of personal liberty..  we grumble about people who love us, and worry about our self-image.       I think we get caught up sometimes, with these surface-level struggles..  and it isn't until a moment of piercing clarity, like today,  when we suddenly remember that we have real enemies.    

American people!     This is sobering, and also illuminating.   Lets reassess what we're willing to tolerate in ourselves and others.    Lets offer our leniency to those who are not trying to destroy us,  but rather simply trying to live and be free.  Treating peace with renewed gratitude and fervor.   Intolerant only of real enemies that threaten that peace.      

Andrew Tipton