Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Higher Self Part 1

At the end of this year I found myself. 
I am covered in sawdust and smoking a cigar.  Its 2am in the morning, I'm standing in the doorway of our family's woodworking shop...  leaning against the doorframe and staring up at the stars above the tree line.    I've been working on design projects all night..  piecing together walnut and cherry; shaping and creating smooth joints and edges.   discovering the slyness of grain, the seductive aromas of freshly planed timber.       I can hear my Fleetwood Mac album starting to skip..  there are my empty bottles of Victoria beer and scraps of crumpled sand paper.
As I stand there..  I grin to myself, and contemplate what inspiration brought me here tonight?   
I feel like part of a higher self - a deeper and more vivid version.  

Andrew Tipton