Sunday, February 27, 2011

In Our Beginning..

What is it like to lose all notion of inhibition? To ignore what has been,.. and what is, and journey someplace inside ourselves that is capable of imagining what could be.
What is it like to start from nowhere.. and then create? Is that possible?
What's it like, not just to redefine an idea.. but to begin one.
Or a sound, or a motion, or a lifestyle, or a thought..
Are the beginnings all used up?
Or is it possible that we are able to represent a path beyond what already exists?

I don't know the answer to those questions.. I'm not even sure if there is one.
But I do know that when I look around me.. I see people that have the ability to create anything.. absolutely anything. I see eyes raging, I see hands that are shaking, mouths moving in silent patterns, hearts racing.. and I can't help but wonder if we will be satiated until we have loosed ourselves - until we have dissolved the sovereignty of replication.
Can we create? Will we create? Maybe that is a better question... will we.

I say this because I feel it inside myself.. the real possibility not just to continue some one's revelation.. but to BEGIN my own.
I believe life is open to us.. to our will, to our thought, to our creation.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feathers in the Dark

I think to see the beauty of the mountains, you have to leave them for awhile.

When I was in Telluride,Colorado, I would always ask people if they enjoyed living, nestled perfectly between some of the world's most beautiful ski slopes
"You get used to them after awhile." They would always say.

Yesterday was a trip away from the mountains for me.. or more like a journey away from them for a decade. I missed them so much!
Not actual mountains... I would describe them as people mountains, thought mountains; faces and minds. I was exposed to a different side of life for 9 hours yesterday - a side of life that is not what I cherish. I realized that I have become so used to existing around this world's most astounding people, places, and ideas, that I've forgotten they are not ordinary things.

My Friends.. I'm so glad to be a part of an idea that is bigger and stronger than me. What we know and the way we live life absolutely astounds me! Our ability to create, the ingenuity and cleverness of our minds, our pursuits... our liberty is breathtaking! I knew it.. I have know it.. but I couldn't really see it until yesterday - when it was missing.
We are marvelous beings.. I thrills me to be us.

Andrew Tipton

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inside Waterfalls

Ryan and I rappelling inside Steven's Gap.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Horses

I thought the sun breaking through Sangre de Cristo
Mountains was enough, and that
wild musky scents on my body after
long nights of dreaming could
unfold me to myself.

I thought my dance alone through worlds of
odd and eccentric planets that no one else knew
would sustain me. I mean
I did learn to move
after all
and how to recognize voices other than the most familiar.
But you must have grown out of
a thousand years dreaming
just like I could never imagine you.

You must have
broke open from another sky
to here, because
now I see you as a part of the millions of
other universes that I thought could never occur
in this breathing.

And I know you as myself, traveling.
In your eyes alone are many colonies of stars
and other circling planet motion.
And then you fingers, the sweet smell
of hair, and
your soft, tight belly.

My heart is taken by you
and these mornings since I am a horse running towards
a cracked sky where there are countless dawns
breaking simultaneously.

There are two moons on the horizon
and for you
I have broken loose.

-Joy Harjo

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We wonder what they are thinking.
At the break of morning,
as the sun swells beneath winter cloud,
the warmth of four lit candles, flickering, almost gone,
illuminating our dreams.
Casting shadows on our young faces.
We wonder with our eyes closed
with our hands in our hair
fingertips to our lips
considering silently our body and the skin,
the taste and the sound.
Here lies the provoking sensation,
our desire to know our own smiles
and to be explored from the stars inward.
To see where the blackness of the sky,
meets us - becomes us.
We let truth have its way with our pride,
stripping off our stone skins,
undoing our tightly buttoned cliches,
until we are naked enough to feel ourselves dying.
Awake; if only in our laughter.
A voice grows from the inside,
a quiver, that becomes a growl.
Like the black stripes at the circus,
like the alcoholic stooped beside his name,
We are no longer tolerant of bars.
And If we are not interested in plagiary,
how much can be said?
The winter clouds break,
and now we wonder only about what we are thinking.

Andrew Tipton

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Towards the Ocean

"A river remains clean, because it goes on flowing."
- Attached to Nothing (Osho)