Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Skipping Stones

some. ones.   become our skipping stones, make splashes, on our surface and sink deep. deep. deeply. inside us.   we are not THE arm or THE toss..  but the water that resides in chiseled spaces.  attempting the discovery of our reflection.        

Andrew Tipton

Monday, January 21, 2013

Going There

We talked about making it. Up.
about taking the world's ways and shifting them around to fit, our delightful messy thoughts
, new ways that take us to places that nobody has ever been to.   And we did. 
Do you remember?   Going there.    Where nobody else has taken anyone along.  For the ride.
Open- ended.   
Never demanding more than the afternoon had to offer..   because the moment was always better than somewhere else with someone else.    I could believe in a thing like that.    
Laughter beneath the shade of pomegranates..   laying on our backs and sipping
strawberries. from each other's lips we both found truth and virtue.   And ourselves came alive too, that year.   I wandered free of the trees.. and found an open mind to play.inside you. and me       
We came up with the origins of life and defined the appropriate distances between strangers. to touch
   somewhere deep inside.   felt good.  
oceans melted,  the moon covered its eyes, the years turned into thunderstorms.  we got soaked
up with each other.  all the way through and through. 
a human.  never fully heals from such goodness.
blessings leave scars on your heart.  too 
and I feel them now.  clearly.
it was never like this.
there is always time.
until there is no
more. time. 

Andrew Tipton

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Circle. Love.

There are reasons we begin - Reasons why we start  doing things.

For a while, as we plunge inside our first experiences, we exist as outsiders looking inwards at creativity, or a person, or concepts with our own fresh, open-minded affection.  What we behold seems limitless and breathtaking,  and its that initial captivation that drives us towards love and creation.    It is such a good place to be..  on the edges moving inward, because we do not see ourselves as "attached" yet.    From the start, we pursue an interest because it intrigues us, because there is an open-endedness to it - which means it can take us anywhere.    In the beginning, we do not see ourselves moving linearly, more so, its as if we are expanding in many directions at once.  This expansion feels incredible and brings us joy..   it is the driving force behind our desire to grow. 

I think this changes..  I think as we become more accustomed to a person, or to an experience - it narrows our view, and slowly erodes our affection.   Some might say that this is because we more fully "realize" what it is that we were so intrigued by - that perhaps the object itself does not offer anything new, and so it becomes dull.   I disagree,  I think it is us that begin to remain stationary.   We subconsciously make ourselves permanent in regards to our interaction - our expectations become permanent and our level of depth and creativity become permanent.   It is this illusion of permanence that strips away our ability to continually see a thing's boundlessness.  

An experience will only become what we bring to it.    I am returning to the idea that I am not fully realized and that my love and creativity are not as well.   What I have known, the ways in which I am Andrew Tipton, are not only malleable, but also permeable.   I can bend them to become something else and I can even move through them altogether.  This creates "reason" again..  this creates a lack of burden, and an overwhelming sense of interest and fascination.  I think a lot of us long for that return - experiencing the familiar (the people, the interests, our life) with new eyes.    We should hope to remain transitioning outsiders; always falling in love for new reasons - neglecting our attachment to straight lines.      

Andrew Tipton