Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Delight in Yourself

   Sometimes I feel like there are more important things that undressing my lover and letting my fingers and lips dance across her body.   Sometimes I feel that my sensuality is a chore, that I must conjure the urge to remain attentive to the romance and deliciousness of the moment.     But then, as my lover stretches out before me..   her bare stomach slender and warm...   somewhere deep within my body, I feel a consuming happiness -  I remember how utterly magical it is to be a young, adult, human man.   I remember my lust and my wonder.   At the same time, I recollect the ache and tremble of my own decay..   of myself inevitably becoming older, slower, wrinkled and gray..    and all the distractions and tasks that I have created in my own mind - my desire for achievement and greatness slowly are unwound.   Not diminished...  but put in their right place.    And when I feel this...   I find myself absolutely captivated by our beauty.   My fingertips are awakened and deliberate..  my hands are eager to touch and caress.     I feel youthfulness coursing through every thread of my body.   I feel sincere and gifted with the chance to be aroused and intense.    No only in the animal sense...  not from an ordinary place..    but from the center of my awakened eyes..  from the most intelligent part of my heart.      When I kiss my lover's perfect stomach,  I am enchanted by our intertwined bodies..  enchanted by our supple skin and marvelous edges.    
Its a rare and spectacular thing to be young..  to be equally attracted lovers..    to see yourself as a powerful and lusciously built being.     It challenges everything about the priority of your moment.    
Remember to savor yourself.    Remember to delight in youthfulness.

Andrew Tipton

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