Thursday, April 27, 2017


We started building agreements with each other; who we are and what we're after.   Describing our animal.     And I think its so good to speak about those things, because when the words come out loud and vocal, they have an edge to them - sort of hold us accountable.   A lot of people don't ever talk about their dreams,  and I think that's why.    When we're scared of our own sovereignty..   then we never quite work up the courage to talk the manner that we'd like to... about the way we want to devour everything..  like we'd like to.    Sovereignty,  is the awakened mind.   Sovereignty is the (softly at first) speaking about our love.   Sovereignty is the brutality and the serenity that comes with acknowledging our innermost selves.       See your perspective through unencumbered eyes..   and become enchanted with what you (and only you) are witnessing.    Forget to edit and refine your dialogue..  until you've stripped away the fear and censorship from your language.. and finally, utterly, its just you, there, speaking your own version of life to anyone who dares listen.    

Andrew Tipton

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