Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Scorpion In Your Pocket

    What keeps us often from our most sovereign version..  are negative actions of old habits that feel slight and seemingly unimportant.     These slip by unnoticed, unreconciled time after time, and eventually we don't even notice them anymore.  They just seem normal..   like they've always been there gently tormenting and causing us grief    Daily traditions that are quietly stinging us with tiny doses of poison,  keeping us from an encompassing peace.  
Scorpions in our pockets.  
Bitter words towards a lover,  lingering sentiment of self-doubt, unwarranted distrust of a friend. 
We unnecessarily keep these habits alive..   their stings aren't killing us..  but they aren't making our experience more delicious.  
Empty your pockets.  

Andrew Tipton

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