Sunday, June 18, 2017

I want to love you in my own language

Love is its most effectual, romantic and convivial..  if it is born from our own self.

This year of discovering love, discovering my ability to inhale and exhale affection..   I have discovered that our ability to create powerful, uncommon, and extraordinary love is tethered to our willingness to love as our truest selves.     What makes love function at its most elevated state is not a formula or a standard...  it is simply letting ourselves be ourselves in a relationship.   
Its the undiluted spirit and conviction of a person that we first fall in love with!    I think that we do not have to become safe and whitewashed in relationships.. that strips away our incredible, unique gift.     So many people are bleached out and unrecognizable from their original versions.  Trying to behave as someone in love,  and forgetting just to be in love.  
When we try to speak a language in relationships that is not our own.   Its like creating a song on an instrument that we do not know how to play.   When we are not ourselves, love is not real.    The person opposite from us is not receiving our true version..  and deeply, subconsciously, they feel it.    And we feel it.     
Love, at it most righteous and bewildering, is driven by us utterly living and loving in our own language -  being thrilled with the poetry and rarity of our own story - letting that 'deep truth' of ourselves ripple outwards.    

Andrew Tipton  


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