Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Firefly Lessons

Loosen Up.  Bro.
At peace, remain
Entangled in the gift of the day, night,


Fireflies are the mellow ones, the quiet sovereignty they possess. 
I sat in the thick certainty of night and watched them.  
Ambiance. Mystery. Gentleness. Warmth. 
Blanket of neon affection.
Some revelation engulfed me, some deep understanding of my own tightness.. 
my brutal seeking and pursuit of ambitious things
with a fixed and immovable gaze. 
Complexity and intention has a way of corrupting the softness and wonder of us. 
Sometimes the world has to burn
for us to rediscover our essential brightness.  Our glow.
Sometimes I have to wrap up my creature,
my warm animal
around itself,
show it undisturbed and legitimate love.
and Loosen Up. Be at peace.
Forget the world's order of things. 
Uphold only the deepest and most honest of my very own agreements.
Listen, smile, release. 
Staying close - among the enchanted rise and fall of my chest breaths.
My night is bright,
my night is open and a 'spark'  - a wild grin
fills the corners of my eyes. 

Andrew Tipton

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